About Us

ExchangeNGo.com was born into a world of consumption and unnecessary waste; everything is expendable. Many of us have a tendency to continuously buy and buy. What if you realized that the material things you have, or the knowledge and skills that you have acquired can be beneficial to someone else? This is the goal of ExchangeNGo. We want to create a movement where people are conscious of their excess and are willing to pass those material things, knowledge, and skills on to others. This will not be for monetary purpose, but to help another who may be in need. By working together, we will be able to help one another save money and at the same time, utilize and enhance our skillsets. ExchangeNGo strives to bring cohesiveness back to life, where aiding one another becomes the norm. This will manifest a change in others to help and support those in need, so that we may all live our lives the best way possible.

Our Mission

Exchange goods, share skills, and give back.

Our Vision

To inspire a world of giving, by connecting people and building relationships through talent, ability and good deeds.